It is requested that careful consideration be given prior to registering for any program 1. Registrations may be canceled up to seven days prior to a program's starting date by written request only. (Certain programs are non-refundable and are so indicated in the program description.) 2. No refunds will be given once a program has begun except for illness documented by a physician. For medical emergencies, refunds will be prorated for sessions attended. Absolutely no refunds will be given for any used portion of a program or after completion of a program. 3. Refunds will be given if a recreation program is canceled by the Parks and Recreation Department due to lack of registration 4. There are no refunds for any trip unless the trip is canceled by the Parks and Recreation Department. 5. All refunds are subject to a $10.00 minimum or 25% administrative charge, whichever is greater. -- If you feel an exception should be made to the above policy, please bring your concern to the Parks and Recreation Commission monthly meeting. These meetings are held on the second Monday of every month in the Community Room at 33 Route 37 at 7:30pm